White Paper - PROTEC

The first five steps to a successful Privileged Access Management deployment



Privileged access management, or PAM, is a strategy in cybersecurity that allows organizations to control and have a complete visibility on all of its privileged identities and IT activities.


The reason organizations use PAM solutions is because 80% of all cyberattacks come via privileged accounts. 

Implementing a PAM solution brings with it many benefits, such as preventing credential theft, the abuse of elevation privileges, and so on.

In this white paper, we are mostly focusing on the organizational processes, business lines, or other non-technical challenges associated with PAM deployment. Whether you are an IT security expert, an IT executive, or a non-technical executive or manager, you can apply these best practices to your PAM implementation project.



Who are we?

Ignimission was launched in 2017 on the principle that data collection is an essential part of the data lifecycle that required a fresh, user-centric approach. Ignimission has also launched Ignimission Protec that speeds up the CyberArk project deployment, and increases user adoption.

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